The Exchange Project

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The Exchange Project is based at St. John's Methodist Church, Albert Road, Colne.    

The aims of The Exchange Project are:

  • To create a new way of being Church for a younger generation
  • Build upon the relationships already being formed with young people, children and their families.
  • Offer a variety of events and opportunities for learning and service which could be accessed by the circuit’s churches to enrich the discipleship of people within their fellowships.
  •  Offer an attractive, welcoming, hospitable space to all (including the current St John’s congregation).
  •  Be available to community organisations to support them in their efforts to serve the local people, offering affordable space for them to work from. Where appropriate, we envisage working alongside them.
  • Stand as a clearly identifiable Christian centre, whose influence would reach out into the town centre and surrounding areas.
  • Enable us to take every opportunity of talking about God to the large number of people who would come into contact with the centre, whilst taking care to respect their views and beliefs.
Community Lunch every Thursday at 12:30, open for drinks from 11:00. Only £4.00 for a two course lunch and unlimited brews. £3.00 for the main course and £1.00 for a choice of dessert, ice cream or cheese and biscuits.  Everyone welcome.

Parent and Toddler Group every Thursday  1:30 - 3:00. 
£1 per family. Term time only.

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