Swaps and Wanted Page

Does your church have items that are now surplus to requirements that may be of use to another church?

Are you looking for specific items that another church may have but not use?

Please email details and your contact details so we can put you in touch to gcoyles@burnleyandpendlemethodists.org.uk

Details will be shown on this page of items needed or available.


Our Circuit Youth Worker and PAIS Worker (Christvin Edbarg) is struggling to get to all his appointments without a car. He feels he is wasting time on waiting for buses and travelling time and no-one is free at short notice to help him with transport. Have you a second hand car that you really don’t need? Would you like to help the Youth Worker and young people, but haven’t the time or the skills? Is there anything you can suggest to help the situation? Please contact Ruth Humphreys (Mobile: 07923047685) Since this request was brought to the Circuit Prayer Breakfast on Saturday,  he has been offered a bike which would  certainly help locally . Please make this request known around the circuit, God works in wonderful ways.