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The Methodist Church: Coronavirus Guidance  
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The Methodist Church has announced the closure of all its church buildings for the foreseeable future. 

The Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference said: "We are asking people to change their way of 'going to church' to help to protect themselves and others. We have put in place measures that will enable Methodists still to be part of the worshipping community, whilst for everyone's sake staying away from church buildings. There is a range of resources available for people to use at home which we hope will help them to continue their cycle of prayer and worship. The Methodist Church is more than its buildings and if in these unprecedented times we can continue our life as Methodists without using our buildings we will help to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus."

The Burnley & Pendle Circuit invites you to use the resources that are available through this website to continue worshipping and as we seek together to protect the whole community.

May you know the peace of god's presence at this time.

Every blessing,

Revd Phil Taylor (Superintendent Minister)

From Revd Marian Taylor – Thought for these days

Wheatley Lane Facebook page ran its second Virtual Church yesterday which offered the theme How can we love one another? I shared my thoughts which I have now been asked to share with more people.

However, first I want to share the context of what I offer you.

Thank  you for all the words of support, encouragement and prayers Phil and I have received from across the Circuit as we continue to make the journey through a difficult menopause causing me mental health issues. I realise that my journey through the menopause is helping me cope with all the CHANGES involved in our journey through this health crisis. Like the menopause there is no date when we this crisis will allow us to move into what should be a new normal. Both the menopause and the crisis caused by the virus will end in some way for all of us and we all should be transformed with the gift of a new way of living. And in all of this change good can come out of the pain if we let God show us what transformation can be.

I recognise that there is a transformation going on for me as I am enabled to be more actively involved in ministry at this time. One of the great resources I have in journeying through the menopause is the wisdom of a counsellor who I have journeyed with over a number of years. When I had an hour long phone conversation on Friday I shared with her what we call the India Conversation which you can read below. She encouraged me to share this story with others as she recognises the need for us all to have the India Conversation.  

John 11:1-45 - The Death of Lazarus

I offer this reading as a way of loving each other. It is one of those used today the 5th Sunday of Lent which is know as Passion Sunday when we are getting closer to Jesus death on the cross. In this story we see how Jesus is part of the events surrounding Lazarus’ death. Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha are good friends of Jesus. Take time to read the story and ask God to speak to you through it.

Jesus is facing the death of a loved one knowing that his death is also imminent. Jesus does not put off facing the inevitability of death either for himself of others and in that way he gives us an example of loving one another.

From the minute we are born we are also dying. And as we face this health crisis we do well not to avoid this fact. A fact that is behind the words of Jesus at the time of his friends death. Jesus said to Lazarus’ grieving sister, Martha,                                            ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?’

Do you believe Jesus words? That death is not just an end but a new beginning? The belief that the crucified Jesus was alive again on Easter Sunday and  lives with us for ever so that we might live too, is the gift that we can share with each other as we love one another as Jesus loves us.

When Jonathan, our son, was 16 he was preparing to go to India for a month with World Challenge. It was a life changing adventure for him as he came to terms with the fragility of life both in India and for all of us. But before he left we all heard the story of a previous trip to India when one of the girls tragically died. So Jon sat us down in our hone and had the following conversation which we now know as the India conversation. Jon said words to this affect:

Mum and Dad if I die whilst on this trip I know you will be very sad, but what I want you to know is that I was doing what I wanted to do. I want to have this challenge of trekking, helping in a school and experiencing a third world country. So you can know that I was living in the way I want to do. So please if I did don’t ever blame yourselves for letting me go. This is my choice and I want to do it.

Jonathan was living the words of Jesus. Jonathan accepted the reality of death so that he could live life to the full. And that was his gift to Phil and me. Jonathan in Hebrew means gift of God and he lives up to his name. He loves us by sharing his acceptance of death as enabling us all to live life to its full.

Phil and I have had the India conversation as we decided how we will live through this crisis as front line workers – Phil still taking funerals and Marian being in school as needed. Whilst Jonathan works as a manager in ASDA because of the India Story being part of his relationship with his partner.

Let us love one another by sharing the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life which enables us to live life in its full now and beyond what we call death. May we enable each other to have the India Conversation so we can live life now in all its fulness and enfolding in the unconditional love of God who is with us now and forever more.

If you want to talk further about what I have shared then please be in touch via phone or email.

As all our Churches are closed until further notice we do have other ways to worship.

  • Mark is writing little articles and a brief service each Sunday so that our congregations can feel connected during this difficult time. Please click on this link to be took to his Blog

  •    The Preston Ribble Circuit are hosting an interactive service using the Zoom platform this Sunday evening, 29th March at 7.00pm. We know that there is other worship on Sunday.  Various circuits have their own links, Radio Lancashire is providing a service at 8.00am and there is worship on BBC1.  The Methodist Church Website gives links to other places where there will be live-streaming. This is something different.  We realise that not everyone will be able to participate this time but that should not stop us from trying. The opportunity to do an evening service at 7.00pm is an attempt to get together, admittedly virtually, and encourage you to use the links you have to share this with those who could join in.  There will be music, hymns, prayers, a reading and a reflection from the Revd Paul Davis, the District Chair. 
     This is the link you require:
      https://zoom.us/j/8626480567 [1]  ( click or copy and paste this link)
      Meeting ID: 862 648 0567
      Just enter it in and login at just before 7.00pm.

  • Wendy our Family, Community and Outreach Worker has been pulling Bible stories, songs and prayers together for our younger members of our church family, these will be updated weekly over on our Children`s page. Also there will be things for toddlers that are missing the groups.

  • ROOTS have material available to use on a Sunday for worship. One for adults and one for families.

A note from Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair

Praying 21

Across the world and across our country there have been calls for prayer. The response I have received these last few days reminds me that when we pray together it feels like something special. In this time of isolation there is no need to be alone because prayer joins us together. It is a reminder of the words of Jesus when two or three are gathered.

We are learning to be gathered differently and if that means virtually, watching life streaming, or on zoom as many of our District meetings now take place we can be gathered.

I’ve been thinking about how Methodists in Lancashire can pray together and I have a suggestion for you. I invite you to join with me in prayer every night at 9.00 p.m. Lancashire District’s number is 21. On the 24-hour clock 9 p.m. is 2100, so if you like it is Lancashire’s time! I’d like you to pray for sixteen minutes because the circuits in the Lancashire District number between 1 and 16.  There are few gaps and I’ll come to that later. I know some people will find that time difficult and it may be a challenge, so you could choose another time, but make it special. It would be great if as many people as possible could join together at 9.00 p.m. every day throughout this time so whilst we may be alone, we are together.

My suggestions are we spend a minute praying for each of the Circuits, their staff and churches, schools and projects. There are six numbers and therefore six minutes not allocated to circuits, so I’ve made suggestions for prayer in those minutes.

21:00       The County of Lancashire
21:01      Burnley and Pendle
21:02      West Pennine Moors
21:03      Great Harwood
21:04      Health care professionals facing challenges
21:05      Other emergency services, and military.
21:06      Schools, teachers and those caring for the vulnerable.
21:07      National and Local government.
21:08       Banks and Hesketh Banks
21:09       Clitheroe
21:10       Chorley and Leyland
21:11       Preston Ribble
21:12       Blackpool
21:13       Our families and our loved ones
21:14       South Fylde
21:15       North Fylde
21:16       North Lancashire    

You might like to end with this prayer.

Gracious loving God,

We thank you that by the power of the Holy Spirit

we who join in prayer are one,

therefore with confidence and assurance, we can say,

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer. AMEN.


Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair

25th March 2020

Please have a look at the below information of current Coronavirus Scams within Lancashire.

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